Welcome to your source for news and updates regarding our 2017 Christian Heritage Party Convention.


2017 THEME: “Reclaiming the Foundations”
THEME VERSE: Psalm 11:3
“When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

DATES: November 1-4, 2017
LOCATION: Ottawa/Gatineau
HOTEL: Crowne Plaza Ottawa-Gatineau


WHY THIS THEME: When you reclaim something, you pick it up out of the rubble and use it again. We reclaim bricks, windows and doors…it is in vogue to do so. We want to reclaim our land, our territory, our culture, and inheritance.

  • We are reclaiming the foundations of our crumbled and broken country/civilization.
  • We are sweeping away all the broken buildings of false hope and lies.
  • We are sweeping away the failed social experiments of alternative families and love, killing our most vulnerable, the false “green” religion, and open borders…all of which, are unconstitutional or against the order God has set for us.
  • We are reclaiming the foundations of the country, namely the Preamble of our Constitution, (the Supremacy of God and Rule of Law)…and the Constitution itself.
  • To reclaim what we lost, we need to educate.
  • After we educate, we need to motivate.
  • All of our PLENARY SESSIONS will focus on this theme.
  • AND a tour of the Parliament Buildings will set it all in place!


Please register as soon as possible and encourage others from your area to take part.

  • Consider bringing others with you – especially active youth, who truly are the leaders of tomorrow!
  • If you are unable to attend, consider sponsoring others!
  • Use this event as a celebration for your EDA/Riding! Bring your board members and supporters to a unique off-site event that will help set the tone for your area!

On behalf of the entire Convention Planning Committee, it is a great privilege for me to welcome all of you as delegates to this most memorable event. One of the reasons why the Capital Region (Ottawa-Gatineau) was chosen for this CHP Convention was obviously because it is Canada’s 150th birthday. It is our sincere hope that our members will acknowledge the significance of this occasion and desire to celebrate with many other ‘CHP family’, who represent all regions of our vast country.

Another important reason for holding our convention in Ottawa at this time, is that we have recently established a visible presence in Ottawa/Gatineau, having our leader run in the Federal Election in 2015. This is an opportunity to demonstrate our collective support for the new EDA and introduce ourselves to our new members here in Ottawa. Also, as a political party in Canada we can reaffirm our dedication to honour God, as we pursue our vision to make Canada “strong again.”

As convention delegates you represent the faithful membership that have kept the CHP Canada alive for these 30 years since the Founding Convention in 1987. Now it is time for “Reclaiming the Foundations”, both for our party and for the nation of Canada. There is no better time than Now and there is no better place than our nation’s capital – Ottawa. God has preserved us for these 30 years and we have remained faithful to Him in serving our country in the political arena. We have to believe that He has kept us alive “for such a time as this!

We invite you to engage in the policy discussions and enjoy the speakers/sessions and experience the excitement of the entire celebration. The friendly staff at the Crowne Plaza, our chosen convention venue, are eager and willing to assist us, as well as any member of our committee. It is our earnest desire that these days will be etched in your heart and mind for the rest of your life as we together; “Reclaim Our Foundations!

Convention Co-Chair, David Reimer